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A New Hope (or 2022: The Year We Didn't Finish Anything)

by Fran on 2023-02-27

It's been over 3 years since I created Hidden People Club, and I feel like I've been going around in circles since then.

I started this company because my convictions don't match the standards of the video game industry and I never found a place I could feel proud of.

However, it's amazing how other people's ideas and easy paths quickly infect you. It's incredible how easily one puts aside their principles and foundations without realizing it. But it's also amazing how the body knows it: I've been dealing with migraines and unable to enjoy my work since 2019.

Last year we started with a lot of hope: we set out to make 4 prototypes to present to publishers, one every 3 months. The goal was to tackle different ideas to maximize the chances of getting a contract that would allow us to work for two years sharing the risk and getting help with the launch.

We managed to put together 2 pitches, which capture the attention of some publishers, but we were not able to finish the prototypes. We also worked on 2dcl as part of a grant from Decentraland's DAO. Today we have 2 prototypes at 70% and 2dcl at 90%. We didn't achieve our goals, but that's not the worst part: we didn't manage to finish anything. Although this is a bit sad, we learned a lot in the process and it served as a good slap in the face to review our priorities.

The responsibility is entirely mine, I'm not going to blame anyone else. My focus on the projects was a rollercoaster, partly due to migraines but also because I couldn't effectively manage stress and had a lot of irregularity in my presence with the team. I feel that at times everything overwhelmed me and I couldn't accompany them properly.

This year I was diagnosed with ADHD, which helps explain my motivational swings a little bit, and my social difficulties didn't help either. But thanks to the help of my circle of trust (Mariano from Leadership Minds leading the way) I managed to rethink some things from this new perspective to make Hidden People Club the company I always wanted it to be.

That's why we're entering a new phase. Reviewing our processes and priorities, separating our path from people we love but unfortunately, for whom I couldn't facilitate the space they needed to develop. I'm hoping they can find that place in their next adventures.

Things that are going to happen in the next six weeks:

  • We're going to release 2dcl
  • We're going to launch our blog (duh!)
  • We're going to announce a new game that aligns with our current team
  • We're going to announce an open source project we've been working on that will be part of our next game
  • We're going to stop posting on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. (More on this soon) and focus our communication on Mastodon and our email list
  • We're going to launch a Patreon so you can help us stay independent. (More on this soon)
  • We're going to start streaming once a week parts of the development of our games and testing nice things that other people made

It would make me very happy if you join us in this new phase and see where it takes us.

If you're interested in following our story, seeing how we develop our games and try to do things differently despite the difficulties, you can join our Discord or our mailing list. If you have any questions or comments, email us at info@hiddenpeople.club. ❤️

Thanks for being here.

Ok. Bye!"

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