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Devlog #12: Next Steps for 2dcl - New Animations in Woods Folk - Laidaxai in Cuentitos.

These last two weeks were slower compared to the previous ones. Fran is currently taking a few days off to relax as he had a lot on his plate and was burning out. On the other hand, EVA shortened the week, and we were able to enjoy the quality of the video game industry in Argentina.

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We finished implementing the Content Discovery Database, thus completing the second milestone of our Grant.

Our Next Steps...

Currently, we are working on the third milestone of the Grant, implementing all the methods to interact with Catalyst servers.

On the other hand, we are working on creating a new scene that will be used for a tutorial on how to upload scenes. Here are some sketches by Juli that look really good.

First room

Second room

Woods Folk

Juli has been doing an excellent job, as always, and finished animating April's poses. Here are two animations for you to see how well they are coming along.

Surprised April

Annoyed April


Unfortunately, this project continues to suffer from a lack of time due to other projects. However, Dani is testing the engine to find bugs (which she found, and Pablo fixed) while working with Laidaxai.


Laidaxai updates! 🌟

📖 We've returned to working on dynamic narrative using the "Cuentitos" platform.

🌀 Hailok and Field of Light: We are incorporating key elements like Hailok (the power of the Piogonaks) and the Field of Light (the ability to access that power) into the narrative. These elements are essential to the plot and will allow you to stay within the Nawe Epaq (Black Tree) trial.

👻 Spirits: As you progress in the story and gain Hailok, you will meet new spirits. Each of them will teach you a skill or put you in a tight spot, and your choices will determine how the adventure unfolds.

🎶 Shamanic Healing Songs: Each spirit will grant you a shamanic song that you can use for healing and advancing on your path to shamanic healing. However, using these songs will test your Hailok 😬.

See you soon! 👋


In the next 6 weeks, we want to work on:


  • Login with Metamask (2dcl Grant): Completed and published 🎉.
  • Deployment (2dcl Grant): Completed and published 🎉.
  • Deployment videos: We are ready to start recording this video. We will try to do it in the coming weeks.
  • List of scenes in the client: We have already completed this!
  • Implement methods to interact with Catalyst servers: Currently, Pablo is working on this.

Woods Folk

  • Trailer Scenes: We will be working on aesthetic mockups to use in the game's trailer.


  • Integration with Unity: We will create a package that can be downloaded with pure Unity integration and an Asset in the Asset Store with more tools (we will see if we make it paid or free, depending on how much it costs us).
  • Release: We will launch version 0.2. This involves creating a page, a blog post, setting up the documentation, and providing the download on GitHub.
  • Record an explanatory video: I want to record a video or do a stream on how to write scripts in cuentitos.


  • Continue with the Laidaxai narrative: Applying changes to make the dialogs work based on the game's design. We are limiting some character appearances, and others we are making conditional.
  • Laidaxai cinematics: New art for cinematics, we are experimenting with a paper-cut style or simulating it, storyboard + concept.
  • Prototyping: We are prototyping Laidaxai in cuentitos, checking the game flow and interactions between characters.


No tasks at the moment.

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