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Devlog #11: Version 0.2 of 2dcl - Woods Folk begins to sketch the trailer - Integration of "cuentitos" with Unity - Progress of the Laidaxai prototype.

I had two VERY busy weeks but outside of Hidden People Club. We're back in Argentina; Canada didn't work out and we returned. Now, it's time to slowly pick up all the work left behind.

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Version 0.2

On August 25th we launched the version 0.2 of the 2dcl client.

This version includes the first milestone of the new grant.

Along with the release, we launched the first official project update.

In the update, we discussed a bit of what we already posted in the previous blog, so nothing new for the avid readers of our blog.

List of available scenes

As part of the previous update, I was able to advance some work before traveling and we launched a new section on the website where you can see the list of scenes uploaded to 2dcl.

Last week Pablo was focused on making this list appear in the client. We are very close to having this up and running for a new release, so we estimate that by the next update this should already be uploaded.

A look at the UI

Woods Folk

Since I have very little time now to dedicate to Woods Folk's programming, we decided to focus on working on the trailer, partly to drive the aesthetic search of the different game systems and partly to accelerate the launch of the Steam page.

Clothing choice

In the game, we have 4 stats (dexterity, constitution, intelligence, and charisma). These stats will be used to enable action and dialogue options within the narrative.

Every weekend you go to the forest you can choose how to dress, and depending on what you choose your stats will change.

We have 5 sets of clothing: a balanced one (+2 to each stat) and one for each stat that gives you +5 to that stat and +1 to all the rest.

Here is an exploration of different ways to show this:

Clothing Selection 1

Clothing Selection 2

Clothing Selection 3

None of these options completely convinced us; we are doing more tests.


Guido has been exploring how to integrate a library compiled in Rust within Unity.

We will wait to have this up and running before launching the project, as we want as many people as possible to try it out.

Sadly, this project is the one suffering the most from my lack of time, but well, part of the idea of Hidden People Club is to prioritize humans over projects, and right now I need to take this time.


In recent weeks, we have been working on a new "build" of the game.

🖼 New Images: We have been improving the Laidaxai storyboards by giving color and life to the Saatalek region.

🎮 Improvements: Little by little we continue implementing art, generating new assets, and making our game possible.

Laida talking

A look at the prototype in Unity

Laidaxai's Diary


In the next 6 weeks, we want to work on:


  • Login with Metamask (2dcl Grant): Finished and published 🎉.
  • Deployment (2dcl Grant): Finished and published 🎉.
  • Deployment Videos: We are ready to start recording this video. We will try to do it in the coming weeks.
  • List of scenes in the client: We almost have this ready; it's on the site, and the idea would be to upload the client soon.

Woods Folk

  • Trailer Scenes: We will be working on aesthetic mockups for use in the game's trailer.


  • Integration with Unity: We are going to create a package that can be downloaded with the pure Unity integration and an Asset in the Asset Store with more tools (we will see if we make it paid or free, depending on how much it costs us to do it).
  • Launch: We are going to launch version 0.2. This involves creating a page, a blog post, making the documentation handy, and the download on GitHub.
  • Record explanatory video: I want to record a video or do a stream on how to write scripts in "cuentitos".


  • Continue with Laidaxai's narrative: Applying changes for the dialogues to work based on the game design. We limit some character appearances. And others we set as a condition.
  • Laidaxai Cinematics: New art for cinematics; we are experimenting with a paper cut style or simulating it, storyboard + concept.
  • Continuation of the GDD and prototyping: The GDD is being continued with all the information, and the mechanics are being prototyped in Unity.


No tasks at the moment.

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